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Pluralism As The Most Descriptive Theory Of American Government Essays

Pluralism As The Most Descriptive Theory Of American Government There are a few unique hypotheses with regards to the subject of how America is administered. There are the individuals who despite everything uphold the civics book hypothesis, in which the individual is spoken to by his vote; the individuals who advocate different elitist hypotheses, guaranteeing that we as people have no voice, and are simply pawns in some bigger game, and there are those other people who support what is known as the pluralist hypothesis. Pluralism recommends that strategy choices are not the aftereffect of an individual resident's vote (or a vote of a populace of residents) yet rather the aftereffect of the collaboration and rivalry of different intrigue gatherings. This hypothesis, it tends to be contended, is the most enlightening of America as we probably am aware it. There are a few models on which to attract request to help this hypothesis. In the April eighth issue of Time Magazine1, there seems an article named The New Party Supervisors and captioned Who truly controls legislative issues? Meet the power specialists who will help conclude the current year's challenge. This is a common case of pluralism being a distinct hypothesis, and I could compose this paper dependent on it, however as the task calls for references to the Wilcox book, that is the thing that I'll utilize.

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Rhetorical Visions in the Film, American History X Essay -- Films Movi

Explanatory Visions in the Film, American History X â€Å"Hate is stuff. Life's too short to be in any way annoyed all the time†. This is a statement from the film American History X. This film conveys an amazing message about abhor gatherings, for example, skinheads and Neo-Nazis. The vision of this film is to make others mindful of the unpredictable existence of a skinhead. Through various imagery we perceive how society sees this gathering. We likewise are made mindful of the constant pattern of brutality that keeps on existing significantly after an incredible pioneer changes his view. American History X is imperative to break down on the grounds that it shows how one man’s expository vision changes through life encounters. This film delineates the ways of life of skinheads and how one individual with a dream drives others to love all that he is and all that he has faith in. In what manner can a pioneer with so much logical vision and energy around one thing change over some undefined time frame? The significance of this film is to see how a character creates. It additionally shows a social and mental issue that has been around for a long time and how it just takes one individual to change how a gathering thinks. I will endeavor to respond to the exploration question by utilizing Bormann’s Symbolic Convergence Theory and Fantasy Theme. The objective of this paper is to â€Å"provide understanding in the common perspective of a gathering of rhetors† (Bormann as refered to in Foss 121). I will likewise show rehashed phrases that lead to various logical dreams. I will clarify how dream types develop and furthermore how imagery mirrors the explanatory dreams. The initial segment of my paper will incorporate two diverse scholarly audits that have been done on dream topics. One of them explicitly manages detest gatherings and how th... ...spectives (1999): Vol. 1 Issue 3: p19, 4p. Scholarly Premier. InfoTrac. Scarborough- Phillips Lib., Austin, TX. 20 Feb. 2004. Benoit, William L., et al. â€Å"A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Political Cartoons on the Clinton-Lewinsky-Starr Affair.† Critical Studies in Media Communication. Vol.18, No.4, December 2001, 377-394. Billingsley, Robert D. â€Å"Hard working adolescents or Nazi thugs?† Federal Probation; Sep. 93, Vol 57, Issue 3. p88, 2p. Brain science and Behavioral Sciences Assortment. InfoTrac. Scarborough-Phillips Lib., Austin, TX 20 Feb. 2004. Duffy, Margaret E. â€Å"Web of Hate: A Fantasy Theme Analysis of the Rhetorical Vision of Hate Groups On Line.† Journal of Communication Inquiry 27:3 (July 2003): 291-312. Foss, Sonja K. Logical Criticism: Exploration and Practice. (second Edition). Illinois Statures: Waveland Press. 1989.

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Goals for Creating the New City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Objectives for Creating the New City - Essay Example Since it is another city, it has not yet had colleges developed. Since it is intended to be an inside for scholastic accomplishment, it has plans for the development of establishments of higher learning. Numerous individuals have been pulled in to the city. This is because of its notoriety of having a high pace of city association. There is a vivacious law based procedure inside the city. This causes it to pull in individuals from various pieces of California and from different pieces of the globe. Occupants are associated with legislative issues, however issues including wrongdoing anticipation, fiasco availability, and need cooperation stay to its fundamental difficulties. In any case, the city has remained the alluring spot for individuals from everywhere throughout the globe. The city is less acceptable as Berkeley. This is on the grounds that we have a few universities in Berkeley. The Vista Community College and the University of California are worked in Berkeley. This makes Be rkeley a superior spot for advanced education than in the city (Wilson et al. 23). In any case, the city is like Berkeley; the main contrast is the school and the college. Notwithstanding, there is no large contrast of Berkeley from the city; training is exceptionally esteemed in the two urban communities. Popular government and security are viewed as fundamental for the occupants. Individuals inside the urban communities are focused on the foundation of one monetary focus with the legitimized conveyance of assets. The two urban areas are anticipating cooperating to fabricate their economy by turning out to be financial accomplices. Since the two urban communities are neighbors, they can be acceptable colleagues. Transportation of wares from one city to the next would be effective. Since the two urban communities have enormously put resources into security, the foundation of security inside the fringe would be guaranteed. Both the urban communities would cooperate to accomplish impr oved security in their fringes and inside the cities.â

Year round school

Mr.. Cooker For ages the instruction framework In the US has been a significant In how our reality is formed today. Also, transforming it could possibly profit the American individuals In manners you were unable to envision. Throughout recent years America has missed the mark In fundamental math, perusing and composing while different nations have surpassed desires. Instruction Is vital to remaining associated with different nations and having the option to make It In this present reality. All things considered the US instruction framework should be perceived as a tremendous part In our partner lives and should be changed.Like different nations training framework they have school all year demonstrating a colossal distinction In the scores they get contrasted with the US. Having the chance to have school all year could permit understudies to move on from secondary school quicker and conceivably school. The opportunity to go at the pace that best fits you is what is astounding. In High school this could permit you to get the credits you need and that will permit you to conceivably go to your preferred school. With this it could diminish school drop outs and help they economy by maturing more jobs.This could can possibly change our framework and bring America out of the gap we made for ourselves. An understudy may even be battling in a specific subject and with the ordinary instruction framework it wouldn't be a need to the instructor or the understudy to completely comprehend the subject. With the all year school this issue could be effortlessly understood. Understudies would be surpassing the level expected or simply remaining level with their group. There are likewise numerous chances to having the option to move on from secondary school with your first year of school fundamental classes as of now completed.That sets aside cash and a mess of pressure, additionally the training on the most proficient method to consider and compose expositions in grade school hel p set you up for College. Having school all year can permit you to have the opportunity to rehearse and plan for the numerous things that school may bring. School is the thing that sets you up for chance to find a new line of work and take an interest in the public eye. School sets you up for some things throughout everyday life and to have a portion of the instruction from secondary school with all year school can help you tremendously.In request to be fruitful in school you must have the compose study bits and approaches to set yourself up for test and tests so you can get through the class. With the all year school the instructors would have the opportunity to show all of you the right methods of discovering that. Training Is key these days and with yearlong instruction you can overcome numerous things quicker and fathom more. To have a chance to change the economy by having more individuals thinking and settling on groundbreaking choices is amazing.This couldn't just profit that however the instructors, they would be increasingly perceived for their work and have something to demonstrate It, their effective children. Likewise the time that school would begin and end would be progressively practical during the current day and age also having days off more frequently than now, If we could Just have one school locale to give this a shot to check whether It would work It might uncover things that are mind boggling we simply need to attempt. All year school By Kay-Lucerne For ages the instruction framework in the US has been a significant in how our reality is molded today.And transforming it could possibly profit the American individuals in manners you were unable to envision. Throughout recent years America has missed the mark in fundamental math, perusing and composing while different nations have surpassed desires. Training is critical to remaining associated with different nations and having the option to make it in reality. All things considered the Unite d States training framework should be perceived as an immense part in our day by day lives and should be changed. Like different nations training framework they have school all year demonstrating an enormous contrast in the scores they get contrasted with the creation more Jobs.This could can possibly change our framework and carry expected or Just remaining level with their group. There are likewise numerous chances to a Job and take an interest in the public arena. School sets you up for some things throughout everyday life and to methods of discovering that. Training is key nowadays and with yearlong would be increasingly perceived for their work and have something to demonstrate it, their practical during the current day and age also having days off more frequently than now. On the off chance that we could Just have one school locale to give this a shot to check whether it would work it might uncover things that are mind blowing we Just need to attempt.

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Porters Five Forces Analysis and Strategic Group Analysis

Doormen Five Forces Analysis and Strategic Group Analysis Doormen Five Forces Analysis and the Strategic Group Analysis. The point of this exploration is to basically assess the mix of two business procedure methods; Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and the Strategic Group Analysis. The article will frequently allude to these terms and it will be in this manner appropriate to explain these at this beginning time. Current issues in the business world will likewise be recognized and identified with the hypothesis. Confinements of these methods will be sketched out and ends drawn. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis depends on the idea that the key goal for any association ought to be to pick up advantage over its rivals, it isn't the business that an association is in that matters, yet where it needs to contend as far as the idea of the opposition. This opposition is given by the idea of the contention between existing firms, the danger of potential contestants and substitutes and the haggling intensity of both the providers and purchasers (Lowson, 2002). Vital gatherings have been characterized by Finlay (2000) as gatherings of business that are probably going to react comparably to ecological changes and be also advantaged/distraught by such changes. Watchman (1980, taken from John et al, 1997), proposes that an industry could have just a single vital gathering if all the organizations followed basically a similar system. At the other outrageous, each firm could be an alternate key gathering. Assessment of examination methods Porter’s Five Forces model has been recognized as an incredible asset for efficiently diagnosing the primary serious weights in a market and evaluating how solid and significant every one is (Thompson and Strickland, 2003). Boundaries to passage, recognized as one of the five powers, presents five basic determinants that influence a company’s capacity to enter new markets; economies of scale, item separation, government likewise with taxi licenses for instance, great access and capital prerequisites (Bowman, 1998). The economies of scale, which is an advantage picked up from huge scope creation will minimize expenses and at last low costs as well. Item separation will permit keeping clients unwaveringness and exchanging costs and a proper case of this would be the new electric vehicle presented by Toyota. It can likewise be recommended that publicizing efforts may likewise be considered as a section boundary. The current markets will have the option to raise item mindfulness while new contestants will more uncertain have the option to meet the costs engaged with doing as such. In reverse vertical coordination may likewise be distinguished as a potential passage boundary. The dealing intensity of the two providers and purchasers and furthermore the risk of substitutes; the degree to which there are items/administrations which are close substitutes for the item/administrations of the business being referred to, are additionally considered as a feature of the five powers. The retail business, and specifically the food segment, is as of now confronted with the issue of high intensity of purchasers and the absence of providers power. As indicated by Rigby (2005), â€Å"suppliers are accepting deficient government insurance from the market power used by general stores. The disappointment o f the Code of Practice mirrors the market power that shoppers have appointed to them en masse†.  Bowman (1998) additionally proposes that the Five Forces model permits firms to rate the quality of every one of the five powers with the goal that they can concentrate on the principle serious viewpoints. As verified by Fleisher and Bensoussan (2003), Porter’s fifth power, serious contention, is likewise a component tended to by the key gathering examination where it considers serious competition and how this power both effect and it is affected by other four powers. Watchman (1980, taken from Bowman, 1998) recommends that the degree of contention, the real rivalry between existing makers, differs as per various components. The market structure for instance will be a significant determinant in the power of contention. In a monopolistic market for instance, where one firm has the absolute control of the market, quality, accessibility, cost yet predominantly item separation will be a need. According to this it must be noticed that an article by Business World (2005) proposes that the law concerning the maltreatment by organizations of prevailing business sector positions will be inspected and at last changed sooner rather than later. Then again, firms working under states of olig opoly may discover significant variety in the personality, number and size dispersion of contenders globally, as Burger King and McDonald (John et al, 1997). The moderate development of interest, or a declining request, the high fixed costs included that don't change with the degree of yields, are additionally factors which will at last effect fair and square of competition. It has been noticed that the Strategic Group investigation is a method used to give the executives data concerning the firm’s position in the market and an instrument to recognize their immediate rivals. The Five Forces industry examination will frame the initial phase in this procedure. In the wake of having recognized the powers, the significant rivals in the business dependent on serious factors will likewise be plot. Contenders will at that point be isolated into key gatherings dependent on similitudes in systems and serious positions. As proposed by Thompson and Strickland (2003), one thing to search for is whether industry main impetuses and serious weights favor some vital gatherings and hurt others. Firms will undoubtedly attempt to move to a progressively positive arranged gathering, and how hard such a move ends up being, will rely upon whether passage hindrances for the objective key gathering are high or low. It is additionally imperative to specify that albeit a f ew organizations work in a similar market they are not really direct contenders as this will be controlled by the size or market position for instance. Vital gathering examination permits chiefs to distinguish direct contenders that are of a comparable size and range and spotlight on staying serious so as to make due in the consistently evolving market. Simultaneously, BMI British Midland, as indicated by an article by Done (2005), will enter the long stretch market from London Heathrow just because, turning into the third UK long stretch bearer out of Heathrow, escalating rivalry with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. These three carriers are contending â€Å"head to head† to win more traffic rights to various goals and those that are in a similar market and not seeing choices will more probable be deserted. The Five Forces investigation and Strategic Group examination are helpful business devices anyway the two of them present a few restrictions that will currently be thought of. Lynch (2003) recommends that in spite of the fact that Porter’s five powers model is a valuable early advance in breaking down the earth, it has been dependent upon pundits. The model accept an exemplary flawless market and it expect that organisation’s own advantage start things out. This anyway may not be proper whenever applied to beneficent organizations or government bodies. The presumption that purchasers and providers power is a danger to the association may likewise be mistaken as certain organizations have as of late observed the advantages in working intimately with providers. The investigative system is basically static, though the serious condition practically speaking is continually evolving. Corresponding to this, it might be included that a PEST and SWOT investigation may likewise be valuable devices to utilize while breaking down an association. Bug examination considers the outside political, financial, social and innovative components that will affect the association, empowering contemplating natural impacts on the firm, while the SWOT investigation thinks about the inner qualities and shortcomings and outer chances and dangers (Bowman, 1998).  â As additionally noted by Recklies (2001) the model is best material for investigation of basic market structures. An extensive portrayal and examination of each of the five powers gets extremely troublesome in complex businesses anyway a too thin spotlight on specific sections of such ventures, then again bears the danger of missing significant components. Another restriction of Porter’s modelâ is that it accept that organizations attempt to accomplish upper hands over different players in the business sectors just as over providers or clients. With this center, it dos not so much think about techniques like vital coalitions that in today’s showcase are extremely normal. As proposed by Thompson and Strickland (2003), not exclusively would alliances be able to balance serious drawbacks or make upper hand yet they can likewise permit firm’s to focus more on the shared adversaries than towards each other. The vital gathering investigation gives a decent structure to the executives to know about their immediate rivals and one diagnostic apparatus that is helpful for contrasting the market places of each firm independently or by gathering them into positions is the Strategic Group Mapping. This apparatus anyway doesn't all things considered, show how as a general rule an association can keep up or even increase upper hand over its adversaries (Thompson and Strickland, 2003). It would be in this way proposed Porter’s Three Generic Strategies, whereby associations can increase upper hand over their opponents either by offering lower costs than contenders for identical items or giving one of a kind advantages that more than counterbalance a more significant expense, ought to likewise be embraced to supplement other hierarchical investigation. Doorman likewise recommends that organizations should seek after a conventional methodology and just focus on one of these, rather than attemp ting to seek after every one of them flirting with disappointment (Porter, 1985:3). A case of a fruitful organization receiving cost administration is Ryanair

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How You Can Start A Business With No Money

How You Can Start A Business With No Money How many times have you heard aspiring entrepreneurs lament that, if only they had money, they would have been able to set up their own businesses and even expanded it? It is a generally accepted fact that, in order to start a money-making venture, you have to have money to kick things off. But what if you do not have money? Is it still possible to start a business?Surprisingly, the answer is yes. And that is what we will look into in the succeeding discussion. © | JingaIn this article, I will explore 1) the tips and methods on how you can start a business with no money, 2) success stories, and 3) start today.TIPS AND METHODS ON HOW YOU CAN START A BUSINESS WITH NO MONEYHere are some useful tips or methods that you can follow if you want to start a business, but you do not have money as starting capital.A.     Create what you canThis is common sense, really, and a principle that all aspiring entrepreneurs should follow. Start a business in an area that you know, or are familiar with. Keep in mind that you already lack in financial resources; add a very steep learning curve about your target business, and you will have more difficulty getting started.So how should you get started? The first step to take is to find out what you are familiar with, and what you are good at. List them down, no matter how personal they are. Are you skilled in construction? Are you the artistic type? Perhaps you are good in dealing with various t ypes of people and personalities. Maybe you are skilled in computers.Listing them down will help in making things more concrete for you. From there, you can assess whether the business idea currently brewing in your head will pan out, considering your strengths and know-how.Once you have cleared that stage, it is time to decide the options available to you, and they include some of the following:1.     Make something with the intention of selling itIf you are good with your hands, this will be no trouble at all. Of course, considering the fact that you do not have money, you won’t be able to hire workers to create the product for you. That means you only have yourself to rely on. Therefore, it is up to you to make the product that you will sell.Granted, making something will still entail a bit of cash outlay, considering you need to purchase some supplies. But that is just the initial cost, and if you play your cards right, you will be able to sell the product for an amount that i s significantly more than the initial cost you paid for the supplies or raw materials.But making the product is not all there is to it. You also have to consider the platforms where you will sell your goods. Say, for example, that you are very good in baking pastries. You have the baked products, but where will you sell them? You could probably go door to door, personally bringing your products to places where your target customers are, such as offices and schools. Some even go as far as bringing their samples to already established bakeries, coffee shops, and stores. The more tech-savvy individuals will make use of the internet, advertising their baked creations to their social circles.Let us take a look at some of the more popular platforms available to budding entrepreneurs.Etsy is now a household name, having established itself as one of the largest online markets for handmade goods. Etsy demonstrates a classic case of making something with what little resources you have and sel ling it at a premium. Here, you will find vintage and handmade items, ranging from jewelry to household items, toys, and educational items.eBay is also another of the most recognizable names when it comes to buying and selling online. In fact, you will often hear people say that if you have something to sell, post it up on eBay. Through the years, eBay has evolved and came to introduce various features that simplify the selling and the buying process, from ordering to payment.Bonanza is yet another online marketplace where entrepreneurs can sell their goods and wares. List your items for free, sell them to buyers expressing their interest, and get the sales, giving a small percentage to the website for acting as an intermediary.2.     Provide your services to those that need it.You cannot make anything, but you can probably perform an action for someone. This means you will be providing a service for others, in exchange for a fee. Delivery and courier services may have started this way, too.Just like when you create a product for selling, it is also important to identify the platforms for selling your services.3.     Resell something.Do you have items that are still in good condition that you no longer have use for, but will still have value for others? They may be interested to purchase them once you resell them. If you don’t own any, why not look for items that you can resell? Try scouring thrift stores and garage sales, and you will be surprised at the gems that you will stumble upon. Some may be sold as they are while others may require some rework or modification. Still, you can still fetch a handsome price for them where you will make more than a decent profit.Reselling is not limited to used goods alone, since you can also get into the act of buying something to resell it at a higher price. But what if you don’t have money to buy the items that you will be reselling? Another alternative is consignment. This is an arrangement between a consignor and a consignee. A consignor leaves his products or goods in the possession of the consignee, who is tasked to sell them. A large percentage of the sale will go to the consignor, and a lesser percentage will be left with the consignee, who did the actual selling.There are many advantages to building your business around what you know instead of veering off outside your comfort zone.You don’t have to waste time and money in learning a new skill that is related to the idea you are planning to launch as a business, because you already have firsthand knowledge about it.Since you are already an expert in that area, you no longer have to bring in consultants or other experts to help you out. It is your business, and you know best.There is another thing that you should take into consideration aside from your knowledge and skill set: your interest. You must have an interest or passion for that idea. Otherwise, you will not have enough motivation to see it into fruition. Besides, it is more fu n to be doing something that you actually enjoy, rather than something that you have to do in order to earn money.B.     PivotingThis method essentially involves providing services in order to generate cash flow that, in turn, will be used to fund the manufacture of products. That is to say that the main goal of the business from the beginning was to sell a product, and not to sell a service. Being a service provider is just a means to an end; in this case: funding a products-based company. Hence, the term, “pivot”.Some software companies start in this manner. Since they do not have enough money to fund their product development projects, they are willing to work for other, bigger, software companies, performing services such as software integration or testing services. The cash that they are paid from performing these services will then be used to fund their own product development.C.     GrindingAs a business owner, especially one with not enough money, you would have to be wi lling to go into the trenches, so to speak. Do the menial and manual labor, if you have to. Since you cannot afford to pay people to do the hard work for you, you have to do it yourself. Meet up with potential customers and suppliers and negotiate with them face to face. Knock on doors, pound the streets, and do all the work. Yes, you have to grind and sweat it out.Be present at ground zero. You still cannot afford to launch a marketing campaign or pay for ad spaces. That is not a problem; you can be your advertiser. Tell everyone what you are doing or what you are up to. Let your family, friends, acquaintances and other contacts about your new business and what you are offering. Ask them to spread the word and let this be the beginning of your business being introduced to more customers.D.     DifferentiationMake yourself stand out. When applying for a loan, for example, how can you convince your potential creditors that you are a good bet? If you have a letter of commitment from a n investor with a good reputation with the creditor you are applying to, this would definitely help a great deal. It will also be in your favor if you are able to present a contract for future revenue, showing your potential creditors that you will be able to have revenue coming in.E.     Seek financingThere are funding sources everywhere, and there is bound to be one that is perfect for you, if only you know where to look. And only if you do try to look.As much as you want to start your own business on your own steam, it is still an inescapable fact that, sometimes, you cannot do it alone and you need help. If you are averse to applying for a loan from banks and other financial lending institutions, there are still some ways that you can finance your business.1.     Get a line of credit.Fortunately, there are now a lot of banks or institutions that offer credit lines specifically designed for startups, so that they can grow, especially during the early stages of operation. This is especially useful for working capital purposes.Many startups make the mistake of incurring too much debt that they get buried in it. Avoid amassing too much debt when you are still in the early stages of the business. Do not pay all your expenses using your credit card, especially when you already have some revenue that you can use. You will find that you may end up paying more in finance charges and interest.2.     Consider using a business incubator sponsored by colleges, universities, and local economic development agencies or organizations.Incubators are programs that provide funding specifically meant as financial assistance to startups. One of the most common types includes offering office or business space, so the startups do not have to spend too much on overhead. Even shared administrative services are also offered.3.     Look into the possibility of using crowdfunding platforms.In crowdfunding, a business idea is pitched to the public, with the intention of seeking funding . The public will then invest a small percentage of money to fund the product development project, with the understanding that they will have priority for buy-ins in the future when the product has been fully developed. Raising the money is done typically via the internet. The entrepreneur will initiate the project by making the proposal; groups or individuals that are interested in the project will come forward and show their support through giving monetary contributions; and a platform acts as a moderating organization, serving as a bridge between the two parties.The most popular crowdfunding platforms today are Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGoGo.4.     Seek out an accelerator.The concept of accelerators is similar to that of business incubators. The only difference is that an accelerator expects a faster response to its investment, hence its name. Business incubators relatively take a longer time.SUCCESS STORIESNow let us take a look at some success stories where the founders o f the businesses were able to grow their businesses that they have started with little to no money. If we’re going to start naming examples, a classic scenario would be of Disney.Walt Disney grew up in a farm, but he had exceptional talent in drawing. He first started earning money by drawing pictures for his neighbors, and moving on to making advertisements, using his skills as a cartoonist. Soon, he was known to be one of the pioneers of animation, founding one of the most enduring companies in film, media and entertainment.But here are a couple of more recent examples.Nasty Gal is now one of the most recognizable names in fashion retail aimed at young women. But did you know that Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso started out in 2006 by selling old pieces of clothing? She started by opening a store on eBay, where she put old clothes that she purchased for cheap at thrift shops and secondhand stores. Soon enough, she was able to establish her store as a reliable source of vintage fashion.In one article, Amoruso disclosed that, on one of her forays in a Salvation Army store, she was able to score a Chanel jacket for only $8. When she sold it at her shop, she was able to get more than $1,000 for it.Amoruso did all the hard work herself from the beginning. She personally scoured the secondhand stores and hunted for vintage pieces. She also served as the product manager, styling the pieces, taking photographs of them, and writing product descriptions for each item. When orders came in, she was the one who personally packed and shipped them to the buyers. Aside from using eBay, she also connected to customers through her MySpace account.Today, Nasty Gal now has its own website and domain, and employs more than 200 people. It has also launched its own apparel and accessories lines and collections, such as Shoe Cult, Nasty Gal Denim Collection, Nasty Gal Lingerie, and Nasty Gal Swimwear. In December 2014, it also branched out in the cosmetics field by partnering wi th MAC Cosmetics.Did you know that Mattel (yes, the company responsible for young girls everywhere wanting to live vicariously through Barbie and her beau, Ken) started out making and selling picture frames? Married couple Elliot and Ruth Handler started making picture frames from their garage in South California. From the scraps of the picture frames, they started making dollhouse furniture. This became a hit, and so they left picture frame making altogether and concentrated on toy-making instead, taking advantage of the baby boom at the time.They came up with a string of toys that met moderate success. It wasn’t until they released Barbie that they finally hit the jackpot. It certainly has come a long way from that small business that started operating from a garage.START TODAYDo not make having no money as an excuse not to start your business today. If you think you have a good business idea, and now is the perfect time to get it off the ground, and then do so. Strike while the iron is hot â€" yes, even if you have no money. There are ways to start your business even if you are financially strapped.

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Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Essay - 550 Words

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (Other (Not Listed) Sample) Content: NameInstructorCourseDatePatient Satisfaction QuestionnaireIntroductionThis survey aims at gathering relevant information to determine the levels of patient satisfaction among diabetic patients. The survey will be conducted among patients at a diabetes treatment center at Spring Valley Medical Center in West London. The treatment center accommodates adult patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes. Therefore, the population selected for this study comprises of adult patients admitted to the clinic with chronic diabetes conditions. The survey subjects range from the age group of 22 and 65. They are also people with different background in terms of their religious and cultural backgrounds.The diabetes treatment center at Spring Valley Medical Center provides patients with various comprehensive treatment programs that encompass both inpatient and outpatient care for those with chronic diabetes conditions. The center has an extremely qualified team of staff members including nutritionists, diabetes educators, and certified physicians. Therefore, the treatment center offers a broad range of services to patients I order to achieve its objective of assisting patients to live healthier and longer lives despite their chronic conditions. The medical center provides several services to patients, including gestational diabetes education, acute care program for hospitalized patients, continuous monitoring of glucose levels, diabetes self-management education, and screening.Survey questionsa) Personal detailsName:Age:Gender:Health plan or treatment method:Length of time spent the center:b) Level of Satisfaction1. How accessible is the doctor when booking appointments for checkups and treatment? Are the doctors and other members of staff always available in their offices when needed the most?2. How would you assess or judge your communication with the physician and other personnel? Evaluate the communication in terms of the language, used, co urtesy and appropriateness among other things.3. How long does it take for someone from the office to respond to emergencies or urgent matters?4. Do you find the process of obtaining follow-up information from the doctors and other members of staff any easier?5. Basing your evaluation on a scale of one to ten, how would you assess the environment at the center? Note that one is the lowest score while ten is the highest.6. How would you describe the convenience of the center based on a scale of one to ten? Please note that convenience refers to the outlook and layout of the center, with factors such as ample parking space, waiting hours, facilities, and general outlook on the environment.